There are numerous causes which can lead to non-sufficient suit conductance. Follow the steps below to solve this issue:

  1. Make sure to be warmed up. A high conductance can only be reached if all electrodes are sufficiently wet from your sweat. Please warm up intensely to reach a high conductivity.
  2. Make sure that the suit fits tightly. Only electrodes that are pressed on the skin can be conductive. Check whether certain movements disturb the conductivity, this is a hint to this problem. For back electrodes, please use a waistbelt.
  3. Make sure the NT Core is attached to the suitbase well. Always use the core strap to fasten the core to the suitbase. Try touching and moving the core a bit while wearing the suit, if this disturbs conductance, a loose core may be the cause.
  4. Make sure the suit is not malfunctioning. Try with another suit. If this solves the issue, please contact support for suit replacement.