Every NT Suit has a suit serial number attached to it. You can find it on the inner side of the core strap.

This serial number is always, in some kind of way, resembling the following: 02017201-010338F6. The different parts of this serial number can be interpreted in the following way:

Suit Version

The first 4 digits, 0201 in the example, show the suit version. All suits of the same production have the same serial. It rarely changes. A newer Batch of suits begins with 0202.

Suit Type

The next 2 digits, here 72, give two informations: Suit size and Suit gender. The second digit gives the suit size as shown in the table:


The first digit signifies the gender, 7 for male, 8 for female. Therefore, the code 72 indicates a male size S.

Suit identifier

The number after the dash is the suits unique identifier and is used to identify the suit in our license portal, in any transaction and in the app. It is created as hexadecimal number.