A new and improved app in version 2.3 has been posted in the Apple App Store. This app is the starting signal for a multitude of improvements and innovations in the coming weeks.

This also makes a complete reinstallation of the software necessary.

Please proceed as follows:

A) Download the new app from the AppStore.

Please delete the old versions of the Nt apps first.

Only then install the new version.

Please be sure to use this link for installation: 


The current version is 2.3.0. You will see this number later on the start screen of the app.

Do not start the app yet.

B) Set a new password:

Since we have completely changed the server infrastructure, it is necessary to create a new password. There are two ways to do this.

1) Via the app

  • Start the app now
  • Select Login with email
  • Click on Reset Password
  • Now enter your registered email and reset the password.

2) Via the web portal

In both cases you will receive an email with instructions to reset the old password.

If other login options were used, the procedure is similar.