• Fix some issues with the sign in limit
  • Fix some UI issues, especially for iPad Pro

New Features

  • Increase the maximum values for stimulation/relaxation duration (firmware update needed)

Known Issues

Below the common known issues are listed.

Program select screen

  • Only one training setting change is saved (NT-259)

Program option screen

  • The System Info button shows the Program selection screen instead of the System Info screen (NT-303)

Training screen

  • Program status indicator is a little bit volatile (NT-255)
  • For stimulation programs with two active phases the visualization of the phases is ambiguous (Nt-253)
  • Sometimes there occur laggy/glitching numbers when managing multiple Nt Cores in training (NT-264)
  • Rare crashes when handling multiple Nt Cores in Training (#184)
  • Using the System Info button, the current training program will stopped and the ems points resets to 0 (NT-279,NT-280)